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About us

Wastewater Systems Pty Ltd.

Wastewater Systems Pty Ltd holds an integral part in the history of wastewater recycling. Our company has over 20 years experience in the treatment of wastewater. Servicing Australia wide, Wastewater Systems can tailor a solution for your specific needs wherever you are.

Wastewater Systems Pty Ltd has been involved in the installation of commercial units throughout Australia where we specialise in the design and construction for EPA approval for a variety of applications. Our professional staff will be only too happy to help in the design and construction of any project to suit your needs.

Wastewater Systems Pty Ltd work alongside Arris Pty Ltd, in the designing and installation of the Rhizopod Systems. The Rhizopods have now been approved by the EPA for Victorian installs. Wastewater Systems Pty Ltd are the Victorian suppliers.

Its All About The Experience

Wastewater Systems Pty Ltd has a team of trained technicians in maintaining a large range of wastewater systems on the market. We are fortunate enough to call on our extensive experience with regard to any concerns to domestic or commercial units. Our technicians perform maintenance on your wastewater treatment system as per Council requirements.

Domestic Wastewater

Our domestic aerated wastewater treatment plants are designed specifically for non-sewered areas. These units replace the traditional septic tank in wastewater catchment and sensitive environmental areas. The ADV5000 unit digests all wastewater and sewage within the household and allows it to re-distributed within the boundaries of your property. This system allows for the clean disinfected wastewater to be recycled above or below ground throughout your garden or lawn area. Please Click here to see our full brochure.

Commercial Wastewater

Wastewater Systems Pty Ltd has installed Commercial treatment plants throughout Australia, from Mine Sites, Caravan Parks and Recreation Reserves. We are fortunate to call on our expertise to design and construct Commercial units for many varied applications. These wastewater systems are a robust concrete construction to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

Services we provide

With many years’ experience Wastewater Systems provides the following services.

Supply & Install

We supply and install wastewater treatment systems for domestic and commercial applications, specializing in difficult environmental sensitive areas.

Carry Spare parts

We carry spare parts for a wide range treatment plants.

Submersible Pumps

We supply and install submersible pump if required.

Air Blowers

We supply and install new and re condition blowers if required and have the ability to recondition air blowers on site.

Chlorinate & Disinfect

We supply and install chlorine tablets as part of our maintenance routine. If an ultra violet system is installed we supply and install UV tube.


We service all brands of treatment plants and forward a detailed report on condition of treatment plant to Environmental Health Officers and owners.

Fault Finding

We have the expertise to identify any faults in all types of treatment plants if required.

Irrigation Lines

We supply and install disposal line from the treatment plant to a variety of systems including self-pressurizing, raised bed and absorption trenchers.

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