Our Waste Water Services

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Supply and Install

The Wastewater Systems team will work with you and your local council to design a system that will suit your needs, with a wide range of choices from treatment type to brand. We use our expertise and knowledge of local and state government requirements to provide industry leading design options.


Wastewater Systems have many years of experience installing treatment plants across Australia and we will help you overcome the difficulty of developing in environmentally sensitive areas.


Servicing and maintaining your water treatment plant is a very important part of owning a treatment plant. To comply with council regulation your treatment plant is to be serviced quarterly. To ensure that the effluent quality consistently meets the standards set by the regulating authority. This will also ensure that it is running as good as new and help identify any issues that may arise.


  • Check and adjust air intake
  • Clean filter on discharge line
  • Clean air filter on blower
  • Check chambers for correct levels
  • Check pump efficiency
  • General check of electrical control panel and fittings


To help make this process easier for you we take care of everything. Once you have been put on our service run we will automatically come out when your service is due. We will fill out a detailed report, to keep on file and send a copy to yourself and your local council.


Areas we currently have a service run: Ararat, Avoca, Bacchus Marsh, Ballan, Ballarat, Blackwood, Bungaree, Cambrian Hill, Clunes, Creswick, Daylesford, Elaine, Gordon, Greendale, Haddon, Kew, Lal Lal, Meredith, Mt Egerton, Mt Wallace, Myrniong, Napoleons, Pomonal, Ross Creek, Scotsburn, Stawell, Templestowe, Trentham, Upper Plenty and Wallace.

Fault Finding

Wastewater Systems can help you identify and rectify any faults that on the unlikely event occur. However, some minor mishaps can be easily rectified.  An alarm system is located within the dwelling which alerts the you in the unlikely event of any malfunction.


Reasons for the alarm sounding:
  1. Tripping of a circuit breaker
  2. Irrigation pump failure.
  3. Blocked irrigation filter.
  4. Blockage in irrigation line.
  5. Blower failure.
  6. Power failure.


Action to take for any of the above mentioned issues:
  • Mute the alarm and then contact Wastewater Systems on 5368 2410
  • Red Light/Alarm – Major
  • Yellow Light/Alarm – Minor


If you have any further enquiries you can contact us and one of our friendly sales staff with help you with all your needs.

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Irrigation Lines

Wastewater Systems will follow your Land Capability Assessment (LCA) which will specify appropriate building and effluent envelope.


Contact your local council for a list of Geotechnical Engineers who can prepare an LCA for your property.

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