About our Treatment Plants

Domestic wastewater treatment plants are designed specifically for non-sewered areas. These units replace the traditional septic tank in wastewater catchment and sensitive environmental areas. The Aerobic Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) unit digests all wastewater and sewage within the household and allows it to be redistributed within the boundaries of your property.


This system allows for the clean disinfected wastewater to be recycled below ground throughout your garden or lawn area.


When you install a wastewater treatment plant you have the opportunity of using your water twice. Initially inside the house and once outside in your garden area. In doing so you have contributed to protecting and conserving our environment.

  • Recycled

    The water is recycled, making it safe to use on our gardens. This is achieved by recirculating the water through a filter medium where aerobic bacteria is cultured. The bacteria is stimulated by pumping oxygen into the chambers and circulating the effluent around and through the filter medium.

  • Retained

    The system is designed in such a way that all water that passes through the filter is retained in the tank long enough for the filtration process to take place.

  • Reset

    As the water is pumped out to irrigation it passes through a chlorine unit where bacteria that is present is destroyed. The irrigation process is carried out by a pump which is activated by a flow switch. This resets constantly ready for the next surge of water from the clarification chamber.

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