Fuji Clean CE4200

Commercial System

Diagram showing the inside of a Fuji wastewater system

The Fuji Clean CE4200 is a commercial model that is designed to treat commercial wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry. The daily design flow rate is 4,200 L/Day.


The CE4200 is the scaled-up version of the CE1500 and just like the CE1500 it is a single lightweight tank design that is extremely energy efficient with minimal environmental impact.


Fuji Clean systems use a combination of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria to treat wastewater. A variety of proprietary media is used to promote bacterial growth and aid in digestion and treatment of wastewater.


Aeration, specific flow designs, effluent recirculation, sludge transfer and air-lift-flow-equalizing technology are techniques used through-out Fuji Clean processes to ensure the optimum treatment is carried out in the most efficient amount of tank space.



Lightweight single tank design

Minimal Footprint

Visually discrete installation


Lightweight transport and installation

Low operation and running costs (47W Blower)

Minimum maintenance requirements


Proudly manufactured in Australia

Effectively handles shock loading

Dependable quality and performance


Produces high quality treated effluent

Treatment process contained inside the tank

Alarm monitor protection


Extended service life – 15 years minimum

Reuse all water for garden and lawn irrigation

Minimal environmental impact


50 Years’ experience in wastewater treatment

Continued research and development

50,000 installations per year worldwide

diagram of system dimensions
diagram of system working capacity
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